Poem: The Sun Will Come Out

The sun will come out tomorrow they say, so I will sit here and wait.

There is nothing else for me to do.

I have given it my all, yet it was no good.

So, I will sit here in this dark and cold room that has brought me warmth.

Where the air has a hint of musk that my soul cannot break.

This is my life now, one that I have always wanted, but no longer deserve.

I sit and think to my self the sun will come out tomorrow as the song says.

That is all I got; the love that used to be next to me is gone.

I know we will meet again, but how long will we be apart.

The darkness is making me unkind to life, and the hope it would bring.

You were the light that I never knew I had.

When yours started to fade so did mine, I never had the strength to change the bulb.

I just let it drain until it was no more.

I never knew how much I needed the light until it ran out.

They say the sun will come out tomorrow, but the last time I check it was still dark out.