Poem: Knock at the Door

Pain is knocking at my door.

I am thinking about opening it, but my feet cannot move.

It keeps knocking and knocking, but I do not say a word.

I know what needs to happen, it was in the plans for months.

I am just afraid of what will happen or if it would come.

This is not the first time it has knock, the last time I was not afraid to open the door.

Now, I am getting terrified what do I do.

It is going to come in one way or the other, but this time I do not want it.

We were friends, that used to see other from time to time.

It was never great, but it was needed.

Then it would leave, and everything would be gold.

I was happy, but now I no longer know how to feel.

This door is getting bigger and bigger, and the knocks are getting louder.

Is this the end, will I make it through?

I guess I need to just open the door.

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