Poem: Free

What is the right thing to do?

Should I stay and fight through the uncertain.

Do I need to go with my body and let it all go?

My heart used to lead me, but lately it has let me down.

I do not know what to do.

I wish there were someone I could ask, but that is a no go.

Happiness is the key, but what exactly does it mean to be happy.

The thought of me sitting here alone, and no clue where to go is no longer frighting.

It is becoming a reality, one that I am too tired to run from it.

Go or stay, fight or walk, these are my only options.

So, the only option for me is to let my burdens down, I must do something I am not sure about.

This is unkind and I do not know how much more time I have leave.

Deep down I know the answer.

To be honest the only thing I really want is to be free.

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