Poem: Is this it?

The worries are gone.

I do not fear the struggle.

The goal was to be at peace, and most importantly at ease.

That was dream, but not what does that mean.

Do I need the hurt and the pain?

I am so used to it, that I forgot what it meant to be free.

The numbness of not knowing has turn into the heartache of caring.

Nothing has change, but everything is no longer the same.

This was my home, this was my goal, but this was not my dream.

The dream I can no longer see, is starting to become a nightmare that fulfills my needs.

The same thing day in and day out drove me to want more.

Now that have more, I really want less.

Do I need to be free, or is this the end for me?

I guess I just need to walk outside and see.

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