Poem: Pieces

My tears are dry.

My heart is broken, but my love is strong.

I need you around, but I need to move on.

To what I am not sure.

We fight so hard, yet we cannot love any more.

I used to think that I needed you, but true is I do not.

I want you, but I do not think that you want me.

You used to love me, at least that is what I think.

We need to have a conversation where we can talk face to face.

This will help me, but I know it is not what you want.

My heart is full of pieces, and they all belong to you.

They need to be put together, but that is something I cannot do.

I wish I could live in your eyes, and you live in my heart.

I know I hurt you and it was supposed to be for better or worse.

It never said when then line was to be cross.

I guess it is just broken for us to be.

Now I must put my pieces tighter on my own.


Poem: Rising

It is early in the morning, the sun has still not rose.

I am out of my bed thinking about my day.

It will be the same as yesterday.

My hope and dreams are gone. I am no longer me.

I cannot see the stars, even with my light being almost out.

The trees are no longer making a sound.

The wind is not my friend.

My life is no longer my life.

My friends are no longer my friends.

The dreams that I dreamt are floating away.

I need to find a new me or least look for the old me.

The one that gives me strength and the one that will be worth living.

My time is now, and my hope is forever.

The sun is down now, but I know one day it will rise.