Movie Review: Rear Window(1954)

I had to watch this movie for a class, and every since I have been hook on his work. Alfred Hitchcock is a genius, but we should all know that by now. This was the first movie I saw by him, and I must say one of his best. This is another movie that inspired me to write about something happing in one room, and all the things that can happen it.

Poem: Sunset

The sun came up today.

This was the first time I got to see its light become to be.

It came up slow, first peeking out the trees, then over the mountain top.

This morning was different.

It was cold, and not the wind breezy was a little too high.

Something was off I could not figure out why.

I look around and I did not see you.

I did not feel your morning breath of my neck, the smell of your morning drink from the kitchen.

The smell of you.

It hit me right then and there that you were not here.

I would not be able to share these moments with you.

Who would have guessed that my first morning sunrise would be your sunset?