New Chapter

A lot of things are happening, and I do not know how to feel. It is almost everything that I wanted, but I am still not sure how to feel about that. My life is changing, and change is good, but how much change is good? I do not know what I am doing, or am I doing the right thing with my life. I just know that I had to leave one situation and go to something better. I had to leave people that I cared about; the thing that once made me happy.

The question that keeps coming up in my mind is did I need to do it? Did I do something that I should not have done? These questions do not have answers, at least none that I can see.

My life is a crazy one. It is one that I am thankful for, but I feel like there is so much more that I need to be doing, and I do not know what that is. You must be willing to fail in order to succeed, but to what end. That is something that only can you say, and it is not easy to say. That is the beautiful thing about life, each day you get to wake up you get to decide how you want it to go. My goal for this year was to be happy. I do not know how that is going to be, but I hope it will be great.

I should have some news very soon about something that I have been terrified to do for the longest, but with a little encouraging from some people it might be coming true. I just pray for better days.

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Poem: Love me?

My heart is gone.

It is no longer broken from the pain it has cause.

The hurt it gave cut deeper than the love it received.

If that even happen.

Now I am trying to start all over again.

From what you say, I do not know.

The love it gave can no longer make up for the pain it spewed.

I wish you could hear my heart, or just even see it.

You would know my true feelings, not just my pain.

I wish you were here.

I wish you stayed.

I wish I had stayed.

If we are both honest, we know that could never be.

I do not know when you heart left, but I know when mine did.

It happened twice and they replayed every day since you left.

When you came into my world, and when you left it.

I do not know what happen in between.

I just know that you were there to love me, and I never did it for you.

If I could ask you again, would you.

Would you love me?