Poem: Leave

The sun is starting to set.

The day is almost done, and I am still where I was when it came up.

I cannot move, my feet are glued to the floor.

I keep watching people walk by.

They waive and say hello, but I cannot not speak back.

They must think that I am a fool.

The truth is I am.

I do not like it here, but something is making me stay.

I miss my people. I miss us.

I need to get up and move, but life is too cruel to let me.

This is not where I belong, and I know this is not where you would want me.

I remember there was a time that I knew what I wanted.

That change on the rainy summer day, that happens once in a blue moon.

The trees no longer grow, the flowers that you planted no longer bloom.

I have no soul.

Why can I not leave?

I know you want come back, but every day I sit and wait that you will come back.

That is why I cannot move.

I may look like a fool, but when I see you everything will be cool.

Maybe tomorrow I will move.

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