Poem: Stuck

Why am I here?

Why do I keep doing the same thing over and over again?

Do I like pain?

Do I like to be hurt?

It seems so, that is all I am getting.

Yet, I can not leave.

I stay and take the pain until I drop down to my knees.

I used to cry, but my river of tears has dried up long ago.

I am just numb.

To live you must be willing to give, and I have given all I can.

I pray for better days, and they never seem to come.

Or do they, and I am just too afraid to take that leap.

This world is so unkind, and my mind makes it harder for me to be free.

I live a life that is not worth living,

Yet everyday I get up and try again.

One day I must stop and start believing in me.

Right now, I cannot see that day.

It seems too far away.

I will keep looking, but for how long I do not know for how long.

My soul is draining, I am losing this battle.

I hate to lose, but this is one fight that I know longer have the strength to give.

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