Poem: Sun

I saw the sun today.

I cannot remember the last time I saw it.

I tend to stay away from the morning light.

It was never my favorite time of day, but it was yours.

That was one of the reasons I stayed away.

This day, I decided to get up with the dusk of the sun,

And then maybe my day would be great.

The day you left was not bright at all.

I saw a light, but it was a dark light.

A light I am becoming use to seeing.

My life has change since the day we meet.

I was cold and lonely, and you were red hot.

Then we started to build, but all I did was tear it all down.

I wish we could start over, but I know that cannot be.

You are gone somewhere, and I hope you are happy.

You will always be my sunshine, but the dark will always hold me dear.

Poem: Bright light

Today was a day.

One that has brought me joy, but even more pain.

I was able to see the light, the closer I got to it became harder to see.

My joy is so far gone, that my light does not know how to stay bright.

I wake up each day thinking that everything can be better,

But as the sun goes down, more and more it become untrue.

I hate my light.

Joy no longer lives here.

I am no longer here.

You are no longer here.

I wish that we could meet one last time.

Maybe that is why my light can never be bright.

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