Poem: Running out

To live today means tomorrow may never come.

Life is short and sometimes not sweet.

We live and look for something more,

And we always keep looking.

Yesterday I looked, but I came up short.

Today I am looking and so far, I have found nothing.

Tomorrow I will try, but deep down I know it is not guaranteed.

I used to dream about months and weeks I may never see.

So, now I have to prepare to leave the ones I hope I can see.

My soul is not here for long, so I must stop soon.

It could be tonight, so I must move fast.

Until my clock stops, and I can no longer see,

I will continue to look in hopes for brighter new me.


New Road

This past two weeks I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the upcoming weeks, and what they mean for me. I want them to mean hope, but something deep down is telling me they will not. I tend to over think things and to over analyze everything. I try to stay positive, but for some reason I do not know how to. When anything happens, I immediately look at it from every angle. It could be good, but I will look for the bad inside it. That is my natural and I am learning to live with it.

I have always said that life is not meant to be easy, and if it were easy It would not be worth living. That is jut my opinion. I know there are things that come easy to people, and there are somethings that come easy to me. I just do not like anything that is easy. I need to be challenge. If I am being honest there were something that came easy to be, and I did not appreciate as I should have. If I did things differently my life would be completely different, but since I chose the road that was less traveled it has been an uphill battle.

I do not like the challenge, but I do welcome it. I can say that everything I have I had to work for it. I did have some help along the way, but where I am sitting now, I got myself here. The truth is I wish I have taken the easy road. I could be far along with my life, and maybe the struggle would not be as real as it is. I really do not know. I just that I want more for me, and if I want, I must work to get, and I have waited long enough. It is time to stop over analyzing things and just go. Your dreams starts today. You do not have time to wait, go for them now.