Poem: All I Got

Stuck, that is how I feel.

I cannot move forward without moving back.

If I move to the side, I still get push back.

Nothing is out there for me.

This is all that I got.

That is the sad part.

The meaning has left, and life is slowing getting drown.

I constantly want more, yet this is all I got.

My pride is still high, I cannot ask for help.

Which I know I need.

Everything that happens is my destiny.

My life has no meaning, yet I must go on, and try.

That is all I got.

Until that day comes where I will get more.

I will always wonder do I deserve more.

Some will say yes, but deep down we know the answer

I think this is all I got.

Money or

Why does money consume everything that we do? That is a question I am asking in general. Today I am noticing that money is more important than human safety. That is a scary thing to start realizing that when money starts ruling the world you live In, you will never have any of it. You must care about the people they are an important part. They matter. I know that we all need money to survive, but what about the human life, the one that is doing the job, to make sure that company is thriving? They are the ones that are doing everything they can to make sure the company is making money, but when it comes to them you do no care if they live or die. That is sad my friend, and if something happens to them it will be own your hands. The blood that they are putting out for you, and it means nothing to you unless they are making you money. I know someone that has worked for a company for over 10 years and they only got one raise, and they cannot quit because they need the money. The sad part there are countless people that are living in these kinds of situations.

It is a dangerous time when money is more important than human life. The sad part about this is they do not see what they are doing is hurting them more than giving them strength to survive. The one thing we can all take away from this is people do not care about your feelings and your welfare. I must say over the years of talking and being around people who are living and working in miserable situations you cannot help, but feel sorry for them. I know people who are almost 40 and 50 that are working more than one job to make sure that they can have food, on the table, that is just sad and wrong. This country needs to do better for the people they claim to love and need.

The most important thing I can say and hope people listen to is to be careful of you, and take yourself for granted. You only got one life and you better live it the best way you know how.