Poem: Yesterday

Yesterday was yesterday,

Today is the same as yesterday.

Tomorrow will be the same as today,

Yet I am still shock about the outcome.

I do the same thing every day, it is my pain that I was given.

Some may say I deserve this, and I sometimes I would agree.

I did the dirt, the crime, the lost is all on me,

My truth is not this.

It is yours.

I did it all for you, just so you could be happy.

My vow was real and meant to last.

Yours was short, and sweet and cut so deep.

I live it with it because I believed in the truth and you.

I hope we could come back as one,

I am starting to see that may not be.

My days will always be the same, until we can no longer see.

My yesterday became today and my today is no longer yesterday.