Poem: Go Back

I miss the speed.

The rush of the hot day,

Yet I yearn for the hollering at night.

I am used to quiet that my new day brings.

I need the sounds that you speak.

And the things that you said that made us think.

It was your place.

This was not a perfect place,

This is not where I wanted it to end.

I loathe the thought of staying a minute more,

But I hunger for the things that it has taught me.

Will it ever be the same? No.

That is why I had to go,

I was no longer me,

You were no longer there.

We could no longer speak, and you would not be able to see the person you made.

The hop and skip down the way, became a journey that was unpleasant to take.

I do not know why I cannot cry for you.

The memories live on,

I just know, that we can never be like we were.

The thought has cross my mind, but deep down your time is gone.

I am hoping that I got a future, but I keep living for what was.

I wish you were here to see the things that we can do, and to feel the things that world gives you. That is a wish that can not be granted, so I will have to just let it be.