Giving thanks

I was having a conversation with someone recently, and they said something about giving thanks. That for some reason really hit me. I learned that I do not give, or think people as much as I should. I used to think that I did, but when I dug deep down I realize that I was letting my pride get in the way, which is a terrible thing. I do not know why I let this happens, but it is something that I need to change.

I must say pride is a deadly thing. When I say give thanks I mean to god. I am talking about whatever god that you believe in you must give thinks. If I am being honest, recently there have been countless times in which I was ashamed, or not sure what to believe anymore. I kept thinking why is this happening to me, is this what life is about. I can even say that this was a few weeks ago.

Then I realize that I need to stop doing what I am doing, and start giving thanks, and to listen. I have been trying to go for something for so long, but I realize that I lost track of what I was going for. I was not appreciating the things that I had. I have to make a change. I’m not saying that this will happen over night, but I got start somewhere. I am going to simply end this by saying thank you. Even if sometimes it seems as if I do not care. I do, but thank you for listening, and most importantly thank you for understanding.

Sometimes you have to wait

I could never picture myself saying these worlds, but after these last couple of days I have learn that everything does happens for a reason, and it something that I need to get use to. The one thing that I have learned is that there is a lot of love and hope out in the world, and you have to be willing to go get it. It will not be east, but it sure as hell will be worth it. It might not happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen as long as you believe that it will.

Something that I am going to do is start putting something that made me look at things from a different point of view. I’m not going to lie it took me about three hours to write this. I do not know why. I just feel like I am obligate to do, but I just don’t know what to say. I wanted it to be about hope and waiting for something is sometimes worth it, but I got distracted and just do not know what to say. Hopefully I will tomorrow.

Here is one of my favorite songs I have been listing to the last couple of days.

Think before you act

These last two weeks have really tested my patience. There has been a lot of ups and downs and downs that I really was not prepared for. I thought that this week was going to be different, but as of today it has already started off pretty bad. I have no one to blame , but myself for this mess that I created.

I just do not understand what is going on lately, everything seems to be going good, then out the blue it is as if I just ran into a brick wall. Something I have been thinking for a while is that life is not meant to be easy. If it was easy it would not be worth living. I have come to point in my life, where I just have to learn to roll with the punches. This year has been rough for a lot of people me included, but that does not mean that you have to let it be that way.

They say with age comes wisdom, and honestly I believe that. I am no way saying that I am the smartest person in the room, but I am getting more knowledgeable everyday. I think it is time to learn to think everything out and push through. Tomorrow is only a day away.

A song I have been listening to get through this week,

Bright side

The last couple of weeks I went back and tried to look at things from a different perspective. I tend to only look at things from the negative side, instead I decided to look at things from a positive side. I must say I only started doing this the last couple of days. That is at least a start. I am trying to look at things from different angles right than different light. Life is just too short to be worried as much as I am the last couple of days. The end goal for me is to just be happy. I do not know how that will happen, but at least I can hope and try.