Free to be

How do you know when you are ready? Ready to move, to go, to travel, to love, or even to live. Its not something that comes to you automatically. It is something that you have to constantly work on and way the decisions whether they are good or bad. At least, that is what I do. I am trying to figure out way to make things easier to decided. It always seems as if I take the long way around. Now that is August I feel a little more anxious than normal. I do not know what it is, but I am feeling as if something is not right. This happens all the time to me, but this time is different.

I am also writing more my topics are not always good, but I am trying that is at least a start. I don’t really have much to say so this is just something simple. Topics are not easy.

Poem: One

Today is here

Yet I feel like I am in the past.

I look to you for my future

But all I see is the destruction from your tears.

Did my voice make you cry?

Or my attitude make you wonder why.

I tried to make you happy and glow like the sun

But it seems I only left muddy in the dust of the moon.

I do not know if this will make things right

All I know is that I will try my best.

Your tears will no longer make a river from my pain

Your heart will only beat from my love

And we will once again be one.

When I see you again?

Or when I find you again

You will know my love is one.