Three times

Well since the last post, I must say that somethings have change. Something that I thought was gone has came back. This is the third time that this has come up. The only thing that I am wondering is will I actually go through with it this time. I have know about this for a couple days, and I have not acted on it yet. To be honest there have been a lot of things going this last week, and I truly have not been myself. I will not go into details about the situations, but I am truly hopeful that I will make the right decisions.

One thing that this has shown me, is that you got to be willing to take your chances you never know when they will come back, or if they will comeback. You are your own worst critic, and this time I refuse to let something pass me by. Tomorrow is not promise to us, reach out and take that step the worst you can do is fall.


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