Poem: Tech World


Standing at the edge of the cliff my blackberry went over in a whiff.

I started to look and search but it seemed like a needle in the hole.

Eventually I grew tired and the words of my mother whispered in my ear;

She said leave that phone alone explore everyone and everything it brings.

I agreed and started to search the world, joy came for a moment in the clouds

And I saw the animals that roam the land, but in a moment it disappeared and so did I.

Looking at the clouds from the ground below, I started to wonder what else I can do

I thought of my mother once again, and I realize that the grass was not greener on the other side

It was dark and lonely with nothing to impress me; it was only stuff to depress me.

A week without it made me more confused than I was with it by my side. Another week and I

Still was confused. Then I heard a ring that sounded familiar and I looked and looked for my

Blackberry I Left it at home. Then and there I realize, that maybe I could live without it by

My side.