The Road to No, from always yes.

The last couple of days I have been away, you ask way to be completely honest I do not really know. I called to go do a task, did I want to do the task no. I was called to do the task, and me being the person that I am could not say no. I don’t know why I can never tell anybody no I always feel as if I am letting them no.

The road to telling somebody no is a hard and bumpy one. The pressure that you feel when some you  know and think highly of ask you to do something that you don’t quite feel comfortable with is hard to turn down. I am not talking about anything that can or could get you into to trouble, but just something that is simple and easy, but for you it is hard and complicated thing to do. It is the pressure to say that no matter what you asked of me that I have never told you no is something to be hold that gives you strength, but also weakens your power to tell them no.

In a way, it gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zone, and you get a chance to experience something that you might never get a chance to ever do. Then there are times you have to ask yourself do you want to step out of your comfort zone? Why, because when you are in that zone it is safe and as far you can tell secure. I think the worst place for a person to be is in safe place and secure place. I am not talking financially, I am talking about life wise. Life is challenge, and that what makes it worth living. It means you have something to live for and to go afterwards.

I can say as I have gotten older it has become extremely hard for me to tell someone no, I can’t do that. When I was younger I just would never reply back, but as I got older I just don’t ever want to let them down. I almost fell like I would rather let myself down or someone else down.

Life is meant for the wicked, and if you good you need to learn how to keep it .


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