Short Story: City of Sin


Raven and Aubrey were on their way back from Las Vegas, this time everything that happens in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. While they were in Vegas, Raven found out that she was pregnant. She wanted to tell Aubrey right then and there, but she decided to wait until they got home.

When they arrived at the airport, they first thing they wanted to do was to find something to eat. They found this bar called Angie’s, so they sat down at a table and waited for the waitress to come over. While they were sitting at the bar, they kept noticing a recurring thing, there were kids running around everywhere.

“Look at all these kids running around here,” “Don’t this makes you want to have kids right away,” she said.

Aubrey then looked at her with a smirk on his face and did not say a word, but under his breath, he whispered, “No. I can wait.” He thought that Raven didn’t hear him, but she did.

They both look at each other and Raven’s face was as white as a ghost. When the waiter comes over Raven orders a glass of water, which surprised Aubrey for second. The whole time she is thinking what he just said. Did I hear him right, he is not ready for kids, but just last week he said he could not wait to have kids with me.

“Hey” as he rubs Raven on the shoulders after he realized that her mood had changed. “What’s wrong you seem upset?”

At first Raven does not know what to say, she wants to tell him that she is pregnant, after that comment she is feeling conflicted. This is supposed to be a happy time for the couple, the only reason they flew to Vegas was to get married. The wedding plans were driving them insane, so they decided to just get it over with.

“Huh, what did you say,” Raven said

“I said are you okay, you seemed upset about something,”

“No, I am good, but do you think that we are ready to have kids,” “You mean now, I don’t think so,”

“Why,” Raven asked.

“Because we are almost done with school, and this is not a good time right now.” “Why do you ask,” Aubrey asked.

“Just with all the kids running around here it just makes me think that we are ready,” “No, let’s give it a couple years,”

After that conversation, Raven was even more confused than she was before. She really wants to tell him that she is pregnant, but how will he take it after saying all that. For the next 30 minutes, they both sat in silence while eating their food. As the kids continue to run around it is making it even harder for Raven to not tell Aubrey about the baby.

So, as they sit in the airport waiting for their plane to leave, Raven decides that she is going to tell him right here and now. As she builds up enough courage a kid runs over and sits all over Aubrey’s clothes. The minute this happens, she can see the angry forming inside of him, all the momentum is gone. Now she will have to wait until they get home, but she says no and blurts it out.

I’m Pregnant.