Sister Wives

Recently I have been watching the show Sister Wives. I don’t know why I have been watching it, but I have and I kinda love it. I must admit when the show first came out in 2010, I was fresh out of high school by a year (class of 2009!) so I did not really watch it. This show has open my eyes to so much and yet made a lot of things pretty clear for me. The show starts off with the family living in Utah, they are force to move out of the state because of the law of the land of Utah.

I can say I did not really understand what exactly polygamy was or what it actually means. Growing up in the bible belt, you can say that my views were shape by my parents and grandparents. As I got older, I see things a little different than they do. I must say that I was a little skeptical of a plural marriage. How can one guy be married to more than one woman and it not be awkward? Then I started watching and understanding how they can do it.

After watching episode after episode I learn that it does not work well, but what in life does work well. The relationships are complications, but what relationship is not complicated. The unique way in which Kody loves all his wives is a special and unique way. The part of the show that had me more intrigue is why this is not legal.

That is the big question that I had why is this legal. On the show Kody is only married to one of his four wives legally, and the other three are considered his spiritual wives. The reason is the Edmund’s act, which made polygamy a federal crime. This act was sign in 1882, over 100 years ago. I think that this act needs to change. I am not saying that I am 100% on board with this, but why should anybody if someone decides to marry more than one person. If they can afford to do it, and they are not living off the government then by all means go for it. We are a country that say we have freedom of  religion, and if it is part of there religion then let it happen.

I think the reason people do not support it is because it is not part of Christianity, and if something is not part of what they consider Christianity then it is wrong. If I am not mistaken Christianity has not always been so great to also. If is does not affect you then why are you worried about it?