American Crime Story: People vs. OJ Simpson

Growing up in the 90’s there was one question that everybody ask about do you think O.J did it. American Crime Story People Vs. O.J. Simpson, tell the story about what happen doing that time. This has to be one of the most famous murder cases in the last 40 years. Everybody has a opinion about what happen.Ryan Murphy is created of this series the man behind such has American Horror Story and Glee.

The first two episodes tells about what happen after the murder of Simpson ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The shows has a great amount of details that I did not know about at first. I did not know that he tried to kill himself on several occasions. Being that i was so young when the case first started so there is a lot of things that i do not know about what happen. This show is one everybody should watch if you are interested in how one of America’s most famous icon, became the most hated man in world.


There is still a lot more episodes to come, but it brings back up this question. The show airs Tuesdays on FX.

Do you think he did it?

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