photo courtesy of Netflix

Chelsea Does….

After more than a year since her late night talk show Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler is back with a four part documentary series called Chelsea Does on Netflix. In the four part series Handles deals with Marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism and Drugs. Each more different than the other. This is completely different then her late night talk show, where everything was meant to be funny. We get to see a different side of Handler that we never seen before. A more serious side and insightful side also.

After watching the series, one of the ones, that I came away with the most information was from Chelsea Does Racism. Handler examines what do people from all different backgrounds think about other raciest. She also went down to the south, and talk to white people and black people to see what they each thought about slavery. They each had very different views on the matter, but surprising there were some who shared the same views. There were some people that thought that slavery was a good thing for everybody.

Then with Chelsea Does Drug was an another one I would recommend people to watch.  I learn how drugs can affect you mind without you even knowing it. I even learn about drugs that I never heard of before. One of them was ayahuasca. Handler and some friends flew down to Peru to take it, and after seeing what it does to people i got a little more curious.

The Marriage documentary was also good it examines Handler’s views on Marriage, and Silicon Valley examines her relation with technology in which she has none.