These last few weeks have been very busy for me. My group are almost through with it. This project is very exciting and I can not wait for it to be done. This is one of the fun thing that i have done with a group in a long time. I have not been doing anything other than going to the writing lab for another class, so I will try to post the finish project soon.


Beer anyone?

This past weekend my group started working on our project. We now have a twitter page and a Facebook page now. We are trying to get at least 50 likes on Facebook, but we only have about 25. The page has been up for only a couple of days so maybe by the end of the week we will get more.

We did not have class this week for MC 493, so there was a little break, but i still did my work for this week. I believe i did the right stuff? I guess i will found out later than.

Anyway we also have a Twitter page we only have about 4 followers we need more. I hope we get more. but we will see.

Did i forgot to mention that we are starting a beer company.

These are our twitter and Facebook.


MC 493

I have not wrote anything on here in awhile. I have been busy with school and watching a lot of tennis. This summer I am taking a class about social media. This class is pretty cool, but it is not what I though it was going to be. The class is not hard and the work is not difficult. The class is just different.

The class only meets on a Thursday which is a good thing and it is only for a couple hours. We are now working in groups and my groups has chosen to make a beer company. I do not drink beer like some people do, but i have tried it and it’s okay.

If i can sum this class up it would say that it is interesting. Not good and not bad just interesting.