The water is not always wet.

The city does sleep at night.

Dirt is the dosh that must be served.

Living is not the same as breathing.

Thinking about trying to see the stars, but I am afraid of the light.

Poem: How

How do you make your heart love you?

How do you learn to live in the pain, that it no longer becomes grief.

How do you go throughout the day, and you simply do not speak?

How do feel so unloved that you do not recognize it when it shows up.

How do you learn to be.

When all you want to be is still.

Yet the expectations and the feelings that others want only to make you hurt.

It is just tears that no one cares.

How do you just make it to another day when the day is always the same.

How do you do it?

Poem: Water Stream

The water is moving again.

This time I am not sure where to begin.

It started out calm as the river up stream.

Then waves became comfortable to me.

Which should have been sign that all is not what it seems.

Now there is trouble all around and I do not know how much more I can see.

Promises that were made, and now they are broken.

Trust is no longer on the ballot this year for the sea.

The tide is moving the stream further to the other side.

When will we learn it is all never what it seems?

That value is not a part of the team?

Poem: Where to Go?

A sense of sorrow is filled with worry.

A love of light is no longer shinning bright.

Time is running so the pain starts to sit.

Hitting the valleys but missing the lows.

The water is rising so the machines start working faster.

Then it all ends as the words can no longer hold the door.

You tried to make things better, but what exactly is that.

The place of settle is starting to become stress.

Nothing hitting the goals that used to beat your chest.

Wondering is this the path that one must take.

Then you see that light is no longer at the end of the tunnel.

You start to wonder; now where do you go?